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Truth in Lending

All personal loan providers are regulated by federal and state law.

Online Process

Applying is quick and easy. Our short online form can be completed in just 2 minutes.

Rebuild Credit

Many of the lenders in our network report on-time payments to credit agencies.

Instant Decision

We can let you know if your approved on average within 60 seconds.(²)

Fast Funding

Loan funds will be deposited in your account same or next working day.(³)

No History Needed

Regardless of previous credit history, we help people find the funding they need.

About Us

InstalmentLenders.com is an online loan matching service that allows customers across America to access extra cash when they need it. We provide finding services for Installment Loans, Unsecured Loans and Personal Loans to customers from all credit backgrounds.

Our online services are quick, easy and hassle-free, allowing customers to access funds from between $500 and $7,500 in a hurry, and repay over a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 36 months.

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Do You Qualify

We exist to help our customers find the loans and finances they need, when they need them most. The qualification to use our service is very flexible. The only conditions you need to meet are that you must be over 18 and a resident of the United States with a permanent address, have a regular income and hold a checking account.

Unlike other companies, we don’t ask for your entire life history when you complete your loan application. To assess your suitability for the loan product you’re applying for, we only need a few brief details. You won’t be asked to provide paperwork, talk to us on the phone or have a face to face meeting. All we need to know is:

Basic information about who you are – your name, address, age, address and telephone.

About your employment – how long you’ve been working and your monthly earnings.

Your transfer details – to allow your loan funds to be transferred to your account.

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How it works

Applying for a loan via our online lending network is simple, safe and secure. The entire application will take no longer than ttwo minutes, and can be completed 100% online.


Complete online process

Provide us with some basic personal details and how much you’d like to borrow. This shouldn’t take any longer than 5 minutes and your data is 100% secure.(¹)

Review your loan offer

We’ll provide you with a loan offer straight away. If you’ve been approved, we’ll send the loan offer terms for you to review. You are under no obligation to accept any loan offered to you.

Accept and get funds

Once you’ve agreed to your loan terms online and confirmed you want to proceed, your funds can be transferred to your checking account normally within 24 hours or same day.(³)

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Credit Check Disclosure

We do not make any loans or credit decisions. Our lenders may perform credit checks to determine your credit worthiness, credit standing and/or credit capacity. Credit checks may be performed with the 3 reporting credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. By submitting your request you agree to allow our lenders to verify your personal information and check your credit. Please be aware that missing a payment or making a late payment can negatively impact your credit score.

Lender Network Disclosure

InstalmentLenders.com is a free no-obligation service which connects consumers who are looking to borrow with lenders who are willing to lend to them. We are not a lender and we don’t provide any loan funds, make lending decisions or influence loan approvals. Lenders in our network each have unique lending criteria and individual terms and conditions. When a lender approves you for a loan, they will provide you with a no-obligation loan offer which you should read carefully before deciding whether to progress with the loan. You are under no obligation to accept any loan offers you are provided with. Using InstalmentLenders.com allows you to reach a network of lenders who fit your unique borrowing needs via one quick and easy search. We use our bespoke financial technology to save you time and effort searching for a lender who fits your needs, whilst filtering out companies that don’t suit your borrowing requirements or personal circumstance.

State Availability Disclosure

Not all InstalmentLenders.com network lenders operate in all US states. Residents of some US states may not be eligible for installment loan products, due to state legislation requirements. By entering your ZIP code at the start of our loan offer process, you shall be informed of any limitations regarding obtaining a loan if you are resident in certain US states. 

For more information on our current State loan availability and Usury limits

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Truth in Lending Policy

All lenders in the InstalmentLenders.com network adhere strictly to the Truth in Lending Act and will provide fully transparent loan offers and contractual agreements as best practice and as required by federal law. Truth in Lending helps protect consumers against predatory and unscrupulous lending. It’s really important to read all paperwork carefully to ensure you understand repayment terms, dates, APR and any other charges associated with your loan. Remember, you are under no obligation to accept any loan offer unless you are completely happy with the terms offered.

When you receive a loan offer via our network, your lender will disclose details of all relevant loan information, including the applicable interest rates, any additional fees there may be, repayment terms, unique terms and conditions and any other key loan information. You should read and understand this information before you decide to progress with the loan offer. It’s important to us that you make informed financial decisions when you use our services. There’s no obligation or pressure to accept any loan offer you are provided with, and you can choose to decline any loan offer made to you.

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APR Ranges

InstalmentLenders.com is not a lender and does not have the ability to disclose exact APR. Consumers who originated via a paid Google advertisement feature rates on InstalmentLenders.com of a minimum of 3.95% APR to a maximum of 35.99% APR (calculated consistent with the Truth in Lending Act, TILA) with repayment terms from 3 months to 36 months. This number will be set by your lender and you will be notified of the final number before accepting the loan terms. Annual percentage rates can vary based on both: 1) the information that you supply in your initial loan request, and 2) the information that your lender supplies to you.

Rates based on creditworthiness and are subject to change without notice. Your actual rate and monthly payment may vary. Must be 18 years of age or older to apply. InstalmentLenders.com does refer consumers to trusted professional lenders who can provide loan information and assistance. There is no charge for our service. Once your application has been submitted and if approved, you shall be presented with the loan offer agreement. Lenders will disclose all details related to the loan — including APR, loan finance charges, or any other loan terms you would be agreeing to. We recommend to all users to carefully read and review the loan terms of any offer you receive. If you still have questions related to APR or loan related services, please contact us for more assistance.


Representative Example

If you borrowed $5,000 over a 48 month period and the loan had a 8% arrangement fee ($400), your monthly repayments would be $131.67, with a total pay back amount of $6320.12 which including the 8% fee paid from the loan amount, would have a total cost of $1720.12. Representative 18.23% APR.

Examples of APR and loan costs

Loan AmountInterest RateLoan TermFee %Fee CostMonthly PaymentAPR RateTotal PaymentsTotal Costs
$1,000.0024.00%12 Mth3.00%$30.00$94.5629.82%$1,134.72$164.72
$2,000.0019.00%24 Mth5.00%$100.00$100.8224.12%$2,419.68 $519.68
$5,000.0013.00%48 Mth8.00%$400.00$131.6718.23%$6,320.12$1,720.12
$10,000.007.90%60 Mth10.00%$1,000.00$202.289.20%$12,136.80$3,136.80